I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own A few live videos from various versions of the Obsoleets.


Thanks to Wayne G. Harvey and  Dan Huber for filming.

Dyin' Bed

First recorded in 1926 by the Rev. J. C. Burnett. Although that record was never released, it probably didn't sound like this version due to the relative scarcity of gospel erhu players in the rural South at the time.


Natural Advantage

Live, on one mic, at a patriotic crime scene. This Alex original, about the virtues of older women and swingin' at the Olive Garden, was inspired by an ad for eye cream and isn't creepy at all despite the guitar player needing a serious shower and that other guy, the plaid ninja, who just menacingly clacks sticks together.


He'll Have to Go

This old chestnut, written by Jim and Audrey Allison in the late '50's, is about a straight forward as they come. For us, it seems to serve the valuable social function of inspiring small talk in the gathered horde while we boldly demonstate a slippery allegience to the tyranny of chord changes. 

Nobody Loves You...

...When You're Down and Out, a hit for Bessie Smith, was written in 1923 by Jimmy Cox to enlighten us all to the troubles befalling the tycoons upended by economic reality.