A bright shoot emerging from the fecund and arcane Ohnoanutha string band breeding pit, The Obsoleets - featuring members of The Lost Northern Tribe, Nature's Wave, and The Man Full Of Trouble Out-Of-Town Rounders Combination All-Star String Band And Show Orchestra - were never nearly a force to be reckoned with in the uber-hep and ever-burgeoning old-timey uke-rock scene.

With a catalog reaching across three centuries, this unique ensemble  once performed throughout the region re-interpreting or plain old inventing material. They wielded a wide range of acoustic instruments in their quixotic quest to find the heart of the song . 

This tarnished website is once again all that remains of the now presciently-monikered string ensemble. As the wind swirls gently round this pixelled cenotaph, we invite you to pour one out in memory.


But watch the shoes. These are killer shoes.